About Us

Smart Choice Repair Center is a multifaceted company that can be explained in three parts:

SMART CHOICE REPAIR CENTER is a facility that has experience in ENGINEERING and RESTORING most household and light industrial items. Drawing on years of experience we offer convenient and affordable repairs, restoration, and any prototyping services to clients from a wide spectrum of products. With our broad selection of machinery, materials, and technology WE CAN REPAIR ALMOST ANYTHING !

All of our technicians have many years of experience in their individual skills: Machinists, Jewelers, Watchmakers, Artists, Electrical Engineers and Fabricators. Smart Choice Repair Center is the FIRST company in the United States to bring such a variety of different talents under one roof to make your repair needs simpler! We have become a country of replacing. SMART CHOICE REPAIR CENTER has a GREEN MISSION to bring repairing back! U NAME IT ! - WE REPAIR IT !

SMART CHOICE FABLAB WORKSHOP is a membership based, Do It Yourself workshop. Members are provided with the use of tools, space, machines, and software for all of their creating and manufacturing needs.
Our FabLab Workshop has a multitude of hand tools, electrical diagnostic equipment, laser welders, MIG welders, CNC routers, milling machines, lathes, plastic injectors, 3D printers AND MUCH MORE! Smart Choice FabLab Workshop is the perfect place for Tinkerers, Inventors, Hobbyists and Entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to life! U DREAM IT ! - U MAKE IT !

SMART CHOICE MAKER ACADEMY is a place that you can come and learn how things are made. With the #MAKERMOVEMENT on the rise, we offer many classes, at all skill levels, for everyone to join in on the fun! Classes vary from jewelry making, watch making, welding, robot making, metal shop, woodshop, AND MUCH MORE!

Our instructors are each experienced in their fields and bring their own special skills and talents to the Smart Choice Maker Academy. You will be taught safety and maintenance on all of our machines so you can safely work on projects. A fun and unique environment for tomorrows Tinkerers, Inventors, Hobbyists and Entrepreneurs to tap into their potential! A NEW LEARNING EXPERIENCE !