How long do REPAIRS TAKE?

ALL REPAIRS ARE DIFFERENT some we need to order parts for or let them dry over a period of time . We do our best to repair items as they come in to decrease a customer's wait time. Walk-In Customers are always welcome and we will do our best to accommodate you immediately.

What type of guarantee do you offer with a repair?

We are proud to guarantee all our repaired items for LIFE, %100. We take high definition pictures of all repairs that come in before and after your items is fixed and the pictures are then attached to your customer profile so we will always have a record of your repairs done at SmartChoice Repair Center.

Can I mail in my repairs?

YES, We have been operating as a mail in service for several years.
YOU MUST GET A "R.M.A. # Authorization Number" (you can get this by emailing us). Then Package your item and send! Don't forget to write the R.M.A.# that was given to u on front of the package. NO REPAIRS will be ACCEPTED without a R.M.A # .

How do I get an ESTIMATE?


You have several options!
SNAP A PICTURE with your smartphone of your broken item. Then text or email us your picture with a short description.
[email protected]
You can also press any of the "Get A Quote Now" buttons through out the site.
We also have a FREE APP that allows you to snap a picture and send it to us directly through the app!

How much do REPAIRS COST?

Most of our Repairs RANGE From $10 and UP.


SmartChoice Repair Center is currently looking at other city's to expand along the South EAST COAST. For more info Contact Us.
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