Marine Canvas, Fabric & Zipper Repair



Marine Canvas Fabric & Zipper Repair:

Boat Canvas Repair and Fabrication:

Face it…the marine environment is a tough one. Combine sun, salt, air pollutants, chemicals-plus the wind-and your boat canvas has a lot working against it.

Often the first to go is the thread –even though it’s U/V resistant. Pull on a seam and if it comes apart- time to restitch. If the thread is weak in one spot, it’s weak in others. Often, all you’ll need for us to do is restitch your boat canvas to keep it serviceable.

The Zipper Test:

Examine your Zippers. Do the teeth seem small? Can you see light between the teeth? Are some teeth missing? Grab a tooth and gently bend it. If it breaks off- it's time to replace the zipper.

In A Fog?

Can’t see out of your windows? Are they yellowed, cracked or brittle?
Restore visibility- it’s a safety issue. We can replace your “Eisenglass” with marine grade clear marine vinyl or crystal clear, optical-quality vinyl.

It’s A Snap….Or Not

Sooner or later, your snaps and fasteners will succumb to salt and corrosion- especially if you have plated fasteners. Sometimes, though, they pull through the fabric. Whatever the case, you can secure your boat canvas-enclosures and curtains-with stainless snaps and new fasteners.


Chances are your boat canvas is vinyl or “sunbrella” acrylic canvas. Vinyl material will become brittle and cracked over time. Sunbrella will last longer than vinyl, but may wear in places. Depending on the condition of the material, It may be time to perform area repairs, treat with water proofer/UV protectant or replace the component. Smart Choice Repair Center can add years to your boat canvas:
• Restitch your boat canvas
• Remove/Replace zippers
• Remove/Replace fasteners
• Remove/Replace Eisenglass
• Repair, treat or refabricate
• Sunbrella or Vinyl material

We use only the best marine quality marine materials to repair canvas boat tops and other canvas work including:
• Biminis
• Window Curtains
• Camper Backs
• Sailcovers
• Doggers
• Awnings and Connectors
• Wheel Covers
• Binnacle Covers
• Tonneaus
• Instrument Covers
• Boat Covers
• Mooring Covers

Take a picture of the Marine Canvas, Fabric or Zipper with a brief description along with what’s wrong with it and text it to: (561) 877-0927 for your free quick quote, or email it to: [email protected] or you can contact us at: (844) 366-6886 for any questions you may have.

Smart Choice Repair Center is a full service Repair Center which offers mail service or local pickup and delivery.

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