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At Smart Choice Repair Center, we are dedicated to restoring your car's leather, vinyl or fabric interior appearance to a like-new condition using our own proprietary repair and restoration systems. Our mobile repair system allows car and auto upholstery repairs to be completed on-site while maintaining the standards and quality of the vehicle’s original condition. From automotive dealerships, auto auctions, car rental companies, body shops, insurance companies and car owners, we have the capabilities to get the job done right. We have built a solid reputation in the automotive industry.

When you call on Smart Choice Repair Center you call with confidence. We have a nationwide team of certified technicians that are not only experts in providing seamless car leather interior, but are also trained to know your business.

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Repairs Smart Choice Repair Center offers:

Car Seat Repair- Tears, Burns, Holes, Seams, Stain Removal, Color Restoration to Auto Upholstery.
Car Upholstery Repair- Tears, Burns, Holes, Seams, Stain Removal, Color Restoration.
Vinyl Car Interior Repair- Tears, Burns, Seams, Scratches, Stain Removal, Color Restoration, Color Change.
Auto Leather Repair- Tears, Burns, Seams, Scratches, Stain Removal, Color Restoration, Clean and Condition, Color Change.
Car Carpet Repair- Tears, Burns, Phone Holes, Stain Removal, Kool-Aid Removal, Bleach Spots, Color Restoration.
Headliner/Visors- Tears, Burns, Stain Removal, Visor Strap Repairs.
Car Console Repair- Dent Removal, Cracks, Tears, Burns, Phone Holes, Scratches , Color Restoration.
Car Dashboard Repair- Dent Removal, Cracks, Tears, Phone Holes, Scratches, Color Restoration, Color Change.
Steering Wheel Repair & Restoration- Tears, Burns, Scratches, Re-graining, Color Restoration.
Convertible Top Restoration & Repair- Tears, Burns, Scratches, Color Restoration.
Speaker Cover Repair-Holes, Renewal, Color Restoration.
Smoke & Odor Elimination for your vehicles interior through ozone or chemicals. Includes mold blocking treatment.
Pre-owned Certification with Per Car Pricing.
Complete Detailing Services-*Services vary by location.
Car Carpet Care Programs.
Customized Logo Floor Mats.

We Proudly Serve:

• Ambulances
• Auto Auctions
• Auto Dealers-Used Cars
• Auto Dealers-Body Shop
• Auto Dealers-New Car
• Auto Dealers-Parts Dept
• Auto Dealers-Service Dept
• Insurance Companies
• Body Shops
• Motorcycles
• Government Vehicles
• School Buses
• Coach/Tour Buses
• Golf Carts
• Limousines
• Rental Cars
• Moving Companies
• Company Fleet Vehicles

Take a picture of the damaged area on your car seat with a brief description along with what’s wrong with it, and text it to: (561) 877-0927 for your free quick quote, or email it to: [email protected]. Or you can contact us at: (844) 366-6886 for any questions you may have.

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