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Where is SMARTCHOICE located?

SLR Center 433 Plaza Real.

What are SMARTCHOICE’s operating hours?

Monday-Wednesday 10am-6pm Thursday-Saturday 10am-9pm Sunday Call for Hours

What is a FabLab?

It’s a membership based Do it Yourself workshop that provide members with the use of flexible Computer controlled that aim to assist members to make almost anything they dream of.This include technology Based products that can be tailored for local,personal,or limited mass production.

Do I need any prior experience?

No! We offer Basic Safety Course (BSC) classes to get you up to speed quickly and safely.We also offer a variety of classes through Makerpace Academy to get you started. See our Reservation Calander page for a list of currently offered classes.

Can you show how to use the tools and equipment?

Yes! We offer Basic Safety Course (BSC) classes to get you up to speed quickly and safely. See our Reservation Calander page for a list of currently offered classes.

What tools and equipment does SMARTCHOICE provide it’s members?

We provide our members access to just about every machine, tooland process that you can imagine, including milling machines and lathes,lasers cutters,sheet matal equipment,welding equipment,an indoor automotive work day, woodworking working equipment including CNC(computer numerically controlled) ShopBot router,plastic working equipment,hand tools, 3D printers, CNC vinyl cutters,sewing machines,design software and lots more. For a more complete list of tools and equipment, see the Tools & Equipment page.

Can I use any tool or machine in the shop?

Yes, as soon as you have taken and passed the Basic Safety Course(BSC) classes for that tool or machine. If one is required. Many of the tools and some of the machines at SMARTCHOICE DO NOT have an BSC. However, for safety reasons, if a machine can injure you or can be damaged through improper use, then you must first take and pass the related BSC. For a full list of all of our machinery see our Tools & Equipment page.

Can I reserve time on a machine?

Yes! With an active SMARTCHOICE membership,you can reserve time on machine in advance of your visit by visiting the Reservation Calander page or the front desk of the FabLab.

What should I wear?

Long sleeves and long paints. Long hairs must be pulled back and tied up.Closed toed must be worn at all times. No jewelry of any kind is permitted in the work areas. Any additional safety equipment required for certain machines be worn when operating machinery.

How much does a SMARTCHOICE FabLab membership cost?

For current membership pricing and offers, see the Memberships page.

Can I apply online?

We don’t currently sell membership through our websites, although we do offer class registrations online. To sign up for membership, please call (561) 877-0927, email [email protected], or come visit us in person! Please note you will need to attend a New Member Orientation before activating your membership,and you will need to attend the Basic Safety Course for each shop ypu wish to use, New Member Orientation are free and schedule at your convenience, while BSCs are regularly scheduled.
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